Large fire prompts evacuation of homes in West Bank settlement

A large fire broke out on Sunday in a forest near the Elon Moreh settlement in the West Bank, prompting some residents to evacuate their homes as the flames quickly spread.

Six fire-fighting planes were scrambled to the area, and large emergency crews are working to contain the flames.

Earlier on Sunday, a brush fire broke out in the city of Hadera and was contained; in Petah Tikva, three people sustained light to moderate injuries from a fire that broke out in the city.  

On Friday, a large fire near Beit Shemesh destroyed some 1,500 dunam (370 acres) of natural forest. According to the fire department, the blaze required the greatest firefighter mobilization since the 2010 Carmel Forest disaster – thirteen fire-fighting planes and more than 70 ground crews  
An initial investigation found that the blaze was caused by negligence on the part of a local farmer.



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