Lawyer: Ex-spy operative in Argentina had 100 cell phones

Argentine investigators on Thursday called a recently deposed senior intelligence officer to testify as they attempt to understand the mysterious death prosecutor Alberto Nisman. Antonio “Jaime” Stiuso had been called to speak with the lead investigator Viviana Fein late

Thursday morning, according to official news agency Telam. Stiuso’s lawyer, Santiago Blanco Bermudez, told Radio Vorterix that, as of Thursday morning, his client had not received a summons, and thus it was doubtful he would present himself. Media reports have said Stiuso telephoned Nisman on Jan. 17 but Blanco Bermudez, speaking to the television station TN on Thursday, said he could not confirm the reports. The lawyer said Stiuso had “a fleet of phones, around 100.”



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