Lawyer for owner of wedding hall where woman was killed by light structure: This was an act of God

A wedding hall where a woman was killed by a falling light structure Monday night was operating without a permit from the local municipality, a spokesman from the Yavne City Hall said Tuesday.

The light fixture that fell to the floor at the “Adia” wedding hall in Yavneh struck and killed 54-year-old Aviva Hayun and left more than 20 other people injured, including 4 who were moderately hurt.

According to Ariel Heller, the spokesman for the city of Yavneh, the building had permits, but not to operate as a business. Heller said the owners submitted a request for a business permit but still had not met the requirements of receiving a business license because the business did not gain approval from the Health Ministry. Heller said the municipality has for the past few months been pursuing legal procedures against the owners and that the Rehovot Magistrate’s Court has yet to issue a ruling on the matter.


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