Lebanon turns to UNIFIL to end air, sea, land ‘border violations’ by Israel

In a meeting chaired by the head of mission and force commander of the UN Interim Force in Lebanon, Maj.- Gen. Luciano Portolano, and attended by senior officers from the Lebanese and Israeli armies, Israel’s neighbor demanded a halt to “Israeli violations” of its sovereignty.

“The Lebanese delegation presented [a list of] Israeli violations by air, ground and sea, demanding they halt immediately,” the Lebanese army said in a statement, according to the Beirut-based Daily Star.

“The Lebanese delegation] stressed the need to resolve incidents in the field, even if they are simple, in order to prevent them from developing and causing larger incidents,” the statement said.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Lebanon-turns-to-UNIFIL-to-end-air-sea-land-border-violations-by-Israel-402902

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