Legendary British punk rock band The Stranglers refuse to be intimidated by BDS

U2 front man Bono, recalling the awe he felt when his fledgling band opened up for already established punk rock pioneers The Stranglers in 1976, told a reporter something like, “We were boys and they were real men up there on stage, big intimidating men.”

“Heh, I remember him saying something like that,” chortled Jean-Jacques “JJ” Burnel, the 64-year-old co-founder, bassist and big intimidating man of The Stranglers during a recent phone call from his home in the south of France.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Culture/Legendary-British-punk-rock-band-The-Stranglers-refuse-to-be-intimidated-by-BDS-472425

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