Liberman: Appointments No Substitute for Clear Policy

Former foreign minister Avidgor Liberman wasted no time Monday in criticizing Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for the impromptu dismissal of Foreign Ministry Director Nissim Ben Sheetrit. 

In Ben Sheetrit's place, Netanyahu appointed Dr. Dore Gold, Israel's former UN Ambassador and the Prime Minister's personal diplomatic adviser since 2013. 

Speaking ahead of his party's faction meeting on Monday afternoon, the Yisrael Beytenu chairman criticized what he labelled the lack of clarity of the Netanyahu government's official foreign policy.

"Appointments and changes [to staff] are no substitute for a clear policy," Liberman charged, attacking Netanyahu for a series of conflicting statements made during his tenure as Prime Minister. 

"There is no bright, clear line – Are we in favor of a 'two-state solution' or against? Is the Bar-Ilan speech relevant or not?"

In that infamous 2009 speech, Netanyahu committed to the two-state solution, but has since made a series of flip-flopping comments regarding Israel's official policy on the issue of a Palestinian state. 

"Ultimately, against the backdrop of the escalation of unilateral Palestinian initiatives in the international arena, there is no escaping the adoption of a clear policy," Liberman concluded. 


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