Liberman: There Are Many Alternatives to Netanyahu

Yisrael Beytenu chairman Avigdor Liberman continued to blast Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for weakness on Sunday. 

Amid ongoing violence in Jerusalem as well as rocket attacks in southern Israel over the weekend, Liberman slammed Netanyahu's "faltering government" and suggested the Right has other options for prime minister. 

"There are many alternatives to Netanyahu in the political system," Liberman insisted on Sunday during an interview with haredi radio station Kol Barama. "Yisrael Beytenu could reach twenty seats and become the ruling party."

"I hope that at the end of the day we do become a party with 20 mandates and we will make sure to be a strong right-wing government instead of the faltering government there is now."

Liberman then attacked the government's dealings with the Palestinian Authority, slamming them for continuing to fund its water budget.

"Abu Mazen [PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas] knows he is not paying a price for incitement," Liberman stressed. "A few days ago he attacked Israel as one of the last anti-Semites not paying a price."

On Friday, Liberman blamed Netanyahu for the rocket attack on Sderot and called on the Prime Minister to resign. 

“There is no deterrence against terror in Jerusalem, there is no deterrence against the rockets from Gaza, there is no security for Israelis, there is no Prime Minister in Israel!” Liberman charged on Facebook. 

"The Prime Minister should ask forgiveness from the citizens of Israel in general, but specifically for scattering the false promises he will keep up security and take care of the economy. After apologizing, he should resign."

Likud subsequently dismissed Liberman's accusations, charging him with disloyalty and abandoning the public. 

"Avigdor Liberman, who promoted his voters to join a Netanyahu-led national government and immediately after elections joined leftist parties in the opposition, is the one who crudely violated his promises to the public."

"Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu rules with a firm and resolute policy of protecting the border from illegal infiltration as well as maintaining security with a zero tolerance policy for terrorism," the party added.


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