Libya asks Arab states to help arm its military to fight IS

Libya’s internationally recognized government is urging fellow Arab countries to arm its military so it can face the expanding Islamic State affiliate in the country. The North Africa nation has been under a U.N. arms embargo since 2011, which was renewed in March, but some exemptions have been allowed. Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Dairi told an emergency Arab League meeting on Tuesday that Libyans cannot wait for U.N. mediation to form a national unity government. Libya is deeply split between al-Dairi’s government, based in the east, and the Islamist, militia-backed government in Tripoli. Libya’s IS branch has taken advantage of the chaos across the country to establish a presence along the central coast. Arab League’s chief, Nabil Elaraby, endorsed al-Dairi’s call, urging member states to respond “promptly and effectively.”



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