Likud MK decides to mark Man’s Day, too

MK David Bitan (Likud), who heads the Knesset’s influential House Committee, informed the Knesset Speaker that the Knesset will mark Man’s Day in mid-May.

“Men, too, deserve a day in which their world will be discussed, especially during a period in which the discourse about the man’s world receives no attention,” said Bitan.

Bitan, who was a senior official in Rishon Letzion municipality for many years before entering the Knesset, made the announcement on Tuesday, March 8 – on which the Knesset marked International Woman’s Day. “International Woman’s Day is one of the most important days that we can mark,” he clarified. “Gender equality needs to be advanced and gaps need to be reduced but on the way, we men must not be forgotten either.”

“Men need a day, too,” he told Ma’ariv Online. “Let there be a Woman’s Day and a Man’s Day. We held Man’s Day at the Rishon Letzion municipality, too. In the meantime, I have raised the idea, and we need to pour content into it. “

“My plan is for Man’s Day in the Knesset to include sessions in the plenum and in the committees," he said. "We should hold panels and maybe hold a small event. I certainly think that we need to put together a day for men and what men accomplish. I hope that the idea gathers momentum and that additional bodies, like factories and local government will follow in our footsteps.”

Bitan said that male MKs were very enthused by the idea, but that he still has not heard any comments from female MKs. He added that he considers accompanying the discussions on Man’s Day with fun and sport activities.


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