Likud MK Oren Hazan planning legal action after allegations of drugs, prostitution in Bulgaria

Deputy Knesset speaker Oren Hazan of Likud announced Tuesday that he is planning to sue Channel 2 news after allegations were made in a report that the he used hard drugs, engaged in human trafficking, ordered prostitutes several times a week and operated a illegal casino in Burgas, Bulgaria.

"I’ve already instructed my lawyer to send a warning letter before filing the lawsuit against Channel 2 and [Channel 2 reporter] Amit Segel," Hazan wrote on his Facebook page.

Hazan has denied all of the allegations made in the report, which were given by supposed witnesses who spoke over the phone  and in person with Segel. One of the drivers at the Casino Hotel said that Hazan would periodically send him out several times a week to find good-looking prostitutes and bring them back to the hotel.


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