Likud MK submits absentee balloting bill

Some Israelis living abroad who are not emissaries of the state and its institutions will have the right to vote in Israeli elections for the first time, if a bill submitted last week by a Likud MK passes into law.

All coalition partners agreed to support an absentee balloting bill in April, but one was not submitted until now. The bill, proposed by MK Yoav Kisch, would limit absentee balloting to citizens who are on the Interior Ministry’s voting rolls and who voted in the previous election in order to block those who have been abroad for many years or are not strongly connected to Israel.

"Countless Israelis are abroad at any given point in time, whether for traveling, studies or work," Kisch said. "The current reality prevents them from expressing their democratic right to vote, and this bill is intended to fix that."


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