Listen Up! Steve Singer Sings

Steve Singer began his career as an annoying little brother, being noisy.

He started by mimicking sounds around him like planes, trains and automobiles. As he got older, he imitated singers and instruments in the songs he heard. Inspired by Bobby McFerrin and Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Steve became an avid fan of A Capella, eventually starting the melodic singing group Listen Up!. This led him to first meet the love of his life, his wife Rebecca, and then to discover his Jewish heritage.

Steve's four-to-five-member singing group, Listen Up!, prides itself in being musically complex, diverse, and melodic, while always maintaining a sense of humor.

Tune in to hear a fun interview, and to meet a charming, introspective, and talented person, who has come a long way since annoying his big sister.

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