Litzman not ruling out becoming minister

United Torah Judaism leader Ya’acov Litzman said Thursday that he did not care one way or another whether he will be forced by the High Court of Justice to accept a promotion to health minister from his current role as the deputy minister who runs the ministry under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Court is expected to rule next week on a petition by Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid to end the practice of deputy ministers running ministries under the prime minister. The practice began in the 1950s when haredi (ultra-Orthodox) parties decided that they did not want to hold collective responsibility for government decisions that go against Jewish law.

Speaking at a forum of the haredi newspaper Hamodia at Jerusalem’s International Convention Center, Litzman said he would take whatever the Court decides to his rabbis for a ruling. He did not express opposition to the possibility of him becoming a minister.


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