Livni Blasts Netanyahu: There is Another Way

Former minister MK Tzipi Livni (Zionist Union) attacked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday evening as he made his way to New York ahead of an address before the United Nations.

"The UN General Assembly presents an opportunity for an Israeli prime minister to connect the world to Israel and our interests as well as to meet and network with not only the obvious parties, but also moderate elements in the region," Livni wrote on Facebook. 

"I did this as foreign minister, and it is the most most important thing [for Israel] this year in the face of the Palestinian flag being hoisted for the first time at the UN and in the face of the fact that in discussing Syria the world sees Iran and Hezbollah as part of the solution, while Israel, as in the Iran nuclear deal, remains outside of the picture."

"We live in a tough neighborhood with heavy threats," Livni continued. "Understanding the threats is essential, but not enough. We must act and extract the shared interests we have with some of the region's countries who are also threatened by Iran and Islamic State.

"In the face of radical Islamists who want to turn the conflict into something religious, a political process, which is first and foremost, in the interest of Israel – an not a favor to the Palestinians, Germany or the US president – is needed."

"This is the way to preserve Israel as a Jewish, democratic and secure state – values that we have proudly guarded since its establishment," Livni stressed. "This is also the way to bring Israel out of its diplomatic isolation."

"Decisions such as these Israeli must make on its own and not as a result of pressure," Livni added. "There is another way and we must work for it today."


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