Livni: ‘Government is doing what YESHA Council wants’

MK Tzipi Livni (Zionist Union) is expressing her fury over the government's policies, and calls on leaders to listen to the speeches made at the recent Herzliya Conference.

"Many sorts of people are crying out against their beloved country, which has lost its democratic values. It's important to note that this also comes from Defense Ministers," she told an audience in Rishon Leziyon.

"The Israeli government is doing what the YESHA Council wants. It is the minority that determines the Israeli government's agenda, and it must be stopped."

Livni said that Moshe Ya'alon and Ehud Barak's comments are an example of the great outcry over Israel's loss of democratic values.

"The minority has taken over the majority in the State of Israel, and it has collaborators. Netanyahu is a collaborator, even though he knows what must be done. The conflict is not being managed, but rather he is working us. He is going in and creating a conflict between us, and between Jews and Arabs in the State of Israel. It is hurting our democracy because those who want the Greater Land of Israel understand that you cannot stop 2.5 million Palestinians."

Livni added that there are now "two states on two sides of the Green Line, with two sets of laws and different ethics. And this must end."


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