Livni tells UN chief: ‘No justification’ for terror

Zionist Union MK Tzipi Livni met with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Tuesday, at the UN headquarters in New York. 

Livni defended Israel's right to self-defense to Ban, who has had a long history of siding with the Palestinians in public statements regarding Israeli and Middle East issues. 

In a recent statement, Ban himself appeared to excuse the actions of terrorist killers.

"There is no justification for terror – and it's important that this message comes from the UN and from the entire world," Livni stated. 

Ban welcomed news that the number of terror attacks in Israel has declined, and said that he regrets every loss of life. 

Livni also stressed the importance of electing a woman to replace Ban as Secretary-General, as he is due to step down over the next several months.

Ban replied that, currently, a shortlist of candidates is being compiled; candidates on that list will then be called to stand in front of the general UN assembly for a special hearing and review – and will also answer questions from voters. 

Livni is currently touring the US, including several American universities, to speak about the importance of fighting against the delegitimization of Israel. 


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