Livni wants an Israeli ‘Democratic Party’

Right after Moshe Ya’alon spoke of hope and change, MK Tzipi Livni (Zionist Union) mounted the podium at the Herzliya Conference to announce that Israel needs a Democratic Party of its own, like the American one. She said that she would spearhead the creation of a ‘Democratic Union’ that will be able to block Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s path to yet another term at the helm.

“Israel must take the decision it has not taken for 50 years,” she said. “Without a decision on annexation or division, we are wandering aimlessly, without a decision regarding our future, even as the conflict enters deeper and clashes with Israel’s values.”

She accused the Jewish Home party of harming democracy and the Supreme Court. “A plebiscite is needed now,” she insisted, “not after an agreement. The plebiscite should be about one question: do we want on state and annexation of all the millions of Palestinians in Judea and Samaria, or division [of the land] and maintaining a Jewish and democratic Israel. There are no other options.”

The moderate camp is asleep and needs to wake up, she explained, “and create a clear bloc that fights for a Jewish and democratic Israel, in favor of two nation states and against the path of the coalition of natural partners from the right wing. There is a majority for two states in the nation, and there is a need for a large camp that will express this majority, clearly and sharply.”

“Let there be two clear lists. Just as it is clear what it means to be a Republican and what it means to be a Democrat. We need to establish the Israeli Democratic Union here in Israel,” the former foreign minister added. She said that she would present her plans for establishing a “centrist democratic union” soon. “The Zionist Union was the start of this move and not it needs to be broadened.”


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