Local Soccer: Yeshiva soccer league action heats up

Buoyed by a last minute equalizer against KBY in the first round of this season’s fixtures, Mikdash displayed a ruthless streak as it sensationally put last year’s finalist Egert & Cohen to the sword in a 3-1 result in Week 2 of the uniqueisrael.com Jerusalem Soccer League.

Three quick-fire goals within the opening 15 minutes, including a brace by Joshua Levy, seemed to stun Egert & Cohen, which couldn’t recover its mojo without injured star striker Tani Goldstuck. A second-half Josh Zneimer penalty proved to be scant consolation.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Sports/Local-Soccer-Yeshiva-soccer-league-action-heats-up-474365

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