Locker Commission calls for massive IDF budget cuts across-the-board

With daunting implications for the country’s national security and overall budgetary needs, the Yohanan Locker Commission on Tuesday published its report calling for massive cuts to the IDF’s budget across-the-board.

The 77-page report carries with it 53 recommendations on a full range of hot button issues and much more esoteric military issues leading to an overall budget savings and “efficiency reforms” of NIS 9.6 billion between 2016-2020, which Locker told a closed press conference could be reinvested by the IDF, essentially as new funds into the budget.

Among the major cuts suggested are the Commission’s goal to “grow the defense budget to a new high of NIS 59 billion” during the years 2016-2020. The IDF sees 59 billion as a major budget cut even though it is higher than it has ever been, because it does not take into account new security needs, such as those in the cyber field.


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