Looking for a Job? This Israeli App Will Find it For You

Finding a new job can be a trying experience, but an ingenious new Israeli cell phone application called JobJob is aiming to change all that and help struggling seekers land the job of their dreams.

Arutz Sheva got to speak with Shay Bar Joseph, co-founder and co-CEO of JobJob, who described his new location-based app that went online three months ago.

"We call ourselves the job matchmakers," he said, noting on how the app matches between the needs of the employers and the candidates.

Using the application is easy: the job seeker creates a profile, sends it to the employer they want to work for, and then they can start talking if there's a match.

The app allows searchers to set parameters and then comes up with matches based largely on location. It can filter according to hourly wage, type of employment, how many shifts are involved, and many other factors.

According to Bar Joseph, the app is meant to help those looking for a job who may be feeling too intimidated or lazy to embark on an intensive hunt, and it similarly aims to aid teens and students so that they can be independent and gain experience.

With over 23,000 downloads, the app has attracted nearly 900 companies looking for workers through it.

Having established an expansive presence in Israel, Bar Joseph says the app will continue to grow in the country even as meetings are held with investors regarding an entry into the European market, focused particularly on individual cities at the start.

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/197945

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