Major terror attack averted, ‘runaway’ terrorists arrested

Tragedy was averted on Saturday when three young Arab men from Judea and Samaria were arrested while preparing to carry out a major terror attack.

The three, who had run away from their homes a few days earlier, were armed with grenades and a submachine gun.

A joint operation of Israeli and Palestinian Authority security forces captured the three, who claimed loyalty to Hamas.

Days earlier the young men were reported missing by their families, who had told Palestinian Authority media outlets that the young men had suddenly disappeared without a trace, and could not be reached on their cellular phones.

Palestinian Authority security officials spotted the three outside an Arab village near Ramallah. Local security officials initially believed the three were Israelis, alerting PA police.

After being taken into custody the three were found to be in possession of grenades and a submachine gun which they apparently were concealing in backpacks.


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