Making aliyah under fire: Now is the time more than ever

Arutz Sheva got the chance to welcome a third sister of four who recently made aliyah, and who hope their fourth and final sister will soon follow suit and return to the Jewish homeland as well.

Danielle, Talia, and Ilana Barta have all recently made aliyah, with the third addition Talia arriving now in the midst of a terror wave.

But the sisters were undeterred, saying, "b'ezrat Hashem ('with G-d's help' – ed.) our fourth sister will come soon," after working out among themselves who officially made aliyah first – with the answer being Danielle.

While there might be an upswing in terror attacks, Talia said "it feels normal. It's my home, I've got to come back."

One of the sisters, Ilana, made aliyah during last summer's Operation Protective Edge, even as her soon-to-be-husband Akiva was protecting the Jewish state on the battlefield against Hamas terrorists.

"It didn't deter me from coming," she recalled. "This is where I'm supposed to be and thank G-d Akiva came back safely and everything worked out, and we're in Israel to stay in good times and in bad times."

Speaking about making aliyah now during such tense times, Talia said her family and friends are "a little bit nervous" but very excited for her.

The sisters had no doubts in their mind when asked if they would recommend making aliyah, with Talia emphasizing, "this is our homeland, now is the time more than ever, they need us here, you need to show your support: make aliyah."


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