Maklev: It’s Hard to Live in Jerusalem

To mark Jerusalem Day on Sunday, the Knesset's Jerusalem Lobby held a special meeting on Monday attended by residents, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat and other distinguished guests.

During the meeting, the positive results of a survey on Jerusalem residents' satisfaction with the capital were presented. Mayor Barkat also reviewed different activities the municipality is engaged in as well as ongoing construction in the city. 

MK Uri Maklev (United Torah Judaism), the leader of the Knesset's Jerusalem Lobby, spoke after the presentation. 

"Jerusalem is a unique city in which many people wish to live and the data proves it," Maklev said, nothing though that "it is difficult for those who wish to live in Jerusalem." 

The reason, Maklev asserts is that "the cost of living is high and there is a lack of appropriate solutions for the hardships of the younger generation of city residents who continue to live here. This causes emigration away from the city and that's a shame."

"Jerusalem is a high priority among various government offices. However, solutions for housing in Jerusalem should be a national priority," Maklev continued, expressing concern the capital would not be included in the new government's housing plans.

"As the Knesset's Jerusalem Lobby, we must not abandon the issue, and we will continue to hope we can affect change in the government to improve the housing shortage in Jerusalem," Maklev stressed. 


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