Man Stabbed at Gas Station Released from Hospital

Yehuda Ben Moyal, 26, who was stabbed at a gas station northwest of Jerusalem on Sunday, was released from Shaare Tzedek Hospital Wednesday. His condition improved steadily since the attack and is now defined as good.

Ben Moyal was stabbed repeatedly in the back and shoulder by a terrorist at the Dor Alon gas station on Highway 443, near Beit Horon, when he stopped to fill up his car's gas tank. His attacker was shot and eliminated by IDF forces who were in the area, while three other Arabs who apparently were accomplices fled the scene.

"I was on the way to Jerusalem from my home, and he (the terrorist) took advantage of the opportunity when I got out of the car and he stabbed me," Ben Moyal said. "He came at me from behind, I felt suddenly that I had been stabbed, and I ran, I fled from him."

"I ran, I fell, and got up and ran again, and again I fell," he said, reliving the ordeal. "He of course chased after me, and stabbed me again at every opportunity."

Ben Moyal recalled being stabbed no less than five times, noting, "I shouted 'help me, help me.' I ran to my car while still bleeding and just drove off."

He pointed out that the Arab employees who were present at the gas station simply watched him being pursued by the knife-wielding terrorist, and did not help him in any way.

"They watched and chuckled and didn't come to help. Even after I was stabbed," he said. "He just didn't stop until I managed to escape with the car."

Before being neutralized by the police, the Arab terrorist tried to stab other victims at the gas station. One driver locked himself in his car and video-taped the attacker lurking outside while brandishing the knife.

There are calls on Facebook to boycott the gas station due to the behavior of its employees during the attack, as described by Ben Moyal.


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