Matisse work stolen by Nazis returned to Jewish owner’s heirs

BERLIN – A Matisse painting that was looted by the Nazis and became part of a German collector’s long-hidden trove has been handed to the heirs of a Jewish art dealer.

Lawyer Chris Marinello, who represents the heirs of Paris-based dealer Paul Rosenberg, said Friday he is “delighted” that Henri Matisse’s “Woman Sitting in an Armchair” has been returned. A Munich court handling the estate of Cornelius Gurlitt, who hoarded a vast art trove, formally authorized Tuesday the return of the Matisse, and of a Max Liebermann work to another owner. Germany’s government signed restitution agreements in March. Gurlitt died last May. A Swiss museum that accepted Gurlitt’s bequest of his collection and a cousin who challenged his will both promised to ensure any looted pieces are returned to Jewish owners’ heirs.



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