Meet the Homegrown Heroes Who Help the IDF

It is said that in giving to others we give a big gift to ourselves. Several special guests today describe their extraordinary experiences as volunteers in Sar-El and a huge Lone Soldier Thanksgiving Dinner in Tel Aviv.

Today's show is all about people giving to others, volunteering, looking beyond ourselves, climbing out of ourselves, being selfless, healing the world with goodness and kindess – all high forms of derech eretz.

Our first guest is Bonnie Rosenbaum of Ramat Beit Shemesh, who brings cakes to soldiers and most recently was one of 40 volunteers at the Lone Soldier Thanksgiving dinner attended by 700 Lone Soldiers. Listen to what Bonnie did, and what the experience did to her.

We also spoke with Marc and Adina Kischel of Ma'ale Adumim, who recently volunteered in the Sar-El program, spending time on an Israeli army base doing work while the soldiers keep us safe and secure. Getting to wear an IDF uniform, the Kischels share their enthusiasm for helping the IDF and describe their days of giving to and living with the Israeli Defense Forces. 

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