Meeting Anne Frank

What if you fell in love with someone you had never met in person? And what if you decided to meet them in a city far from your home? What if you arranged a time and a place, a train station, to finally come to face to face? What if they didn’t show up? And what if the person who did show up was the one and only Anne Frank?

In many ways, the act of writing and directing Amsterdam Blog was an exercise in “what ifs” and yet, beyond the situational curiosity of it, playwright Reuven Kalinsky touched on some very real and very charged emotions. The play premiered as part of the 2014 Acre International Fringe Theater Festival and has enjoyed a steady and critically acclaimed run since. Last night, Kalinsky brought the gusty solitude of Amsterdam’s canals to Jerusalem’s Beit Masie. On Wednesday night, Amsterdam Blog will return to Tmuna Theater in Tel Aviv before heading south to Beersheba’s Fringe Theater.


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