Meeting Bibi, Google CEO Praises Israel as Global Tech Leader

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday met with Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, hosting him at the Prime Minister's Residence in Jerusalem.

In the meeting, Netanyahu described Israel's cutting-edge cyber industry and emphasized that the growth of that industry is among the highest priorities for the Israeli economy.

He also noted how Israel is trying to diversify its hi-tech trade markets, in a likely reference to the increasing shift of focus towards Japan and other technological powerhouses in Asia.

Schmidt responded by praising Israel's leadership in technology, and its particular excellence in the field of cyber technology.

He lauded the Jewish state's prowess at adapting new technologies quickly and employing unprecedented creativity to push the industry forward.

Detailing Israel's accomplishments, Schmidt pointed out it is second only to Silicon Valley in terms of the number of start-ups; Israel has seen a blossoming of over 6,000 start-ups in just the last decade.

Schmidt reiterated that Israel is a global leader in technology, and that Google is committed to continue investing in the Jewish state.

On Monday the Google CEO praised Israel, saying in a speech at the Weizmann Institute, "Israel is booming in terms of entrepreneurship because you have a culture to challenge authority and to question everything. You're not going by the rules."


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