Meeting Muallem

‘Meeting of Hearts” is a snug moniker for Yinon Muallem’s forthcoming album. The 47-year-old Turkish resident Israeli percussionist-oud player will be here soon for a three date musical foray that kicks off with an appearance at this year’s International Harp Competition in Acre on November 23. That will be followed by a gig at East West House in Jaffa on December 3, closing with a show at the Elma Arts Complex in Zichron Ya’acov on December 4.

Muallem comes here with a pretty hefty artistic track record. Despite taking some time to set out on his eventual career path, he has made up for lost time. Thus far he has accrued a discography of half a dozen titles, with a couple more albums due for release in the coming year. He collaborates with a wide variety of musicians, including young New York-based Israeli jazz pianist Guy Mintus, who is half Muallem’s age and with whom he formed the Off Lines duo.


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