Men dancing

To be a dancer in Rami Be’er’s company means to not only execute steps but also to create them. As such, the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company has been the springboard for many a talented choreographer. To honor and promote this element of company life, KCDC has initiated a new program called Another Stage in which company members are able to present their own choreographies. Tonight, KCDC will present the first such evening entitled Croissant al Ha’esh.

The performance is part of the Suzanne Dellal Center’s Men Dancing Festival and consists of works by two KCDC company members, Eyal Dadon and Martin Harrangue.

The two dancers/choreographers chose to name the evening Croissant al Ha’esh (Barbecue Croissant) as an analogy of their meeting. Dadon was born and raised in Israel; Harrangue is from France. The two met in Kibbutz Ga’aton. Although they shared little common background, they became fast friends.


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