Middle school, high school students take home prizes for innovations in food loss prevention

Making food last longer may be as simple as throwing a hole-punched golf ball into a bag of nuts or box of cookies, the first prize winners of a nationwide student agriculture competition demonstrated on Thursday.

Students at the Ayanot Youth Village worked with a 3D printer to generate perforated vessels of various shapes and sizes to hold absorptive silica gel, which when placed among produce or other foods, is capable of reducing moisture and thereby extending shelf-life, according to their presentation. The students were the first prize winners of Volcanivation: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Student Competition of Prevention of Food Losses, which came to a close at Agritech International Agricultural Exhibition and Conference at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds on Thursday.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/New-Tech/Middle-school-high-school-students-take-home-prizes-for-innovations-in-food-loss-prevention-400854

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