Millennia old depiction of music scene discovered in Western Galilee

The most ancient music scene ever discovered in Israel’s history– a 5,000-year-old cylinder seal impression from the Early Bronze Age – was unearthed by the Israel Antiquities Authority, the IAA announced on Tuesday. The scene depicted on the seal portrays a rite in a “sacred marriage” ceremony between a king and a goddess in Mesopotamia that included music and dancing, a banquet, a meeting between the king and the goddess, and their sexual union.

Two seated figures can also be seen playing an instrument that appears to be a lyre, a harp-like instrument common in the ancient world.

The relic was originally found in the 1970s at the Bet Ha-Emeq antiquities site near the Western Galilee during an archaeological survey conducted by Dr. Rafi Frankel, the IAA said.


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