Miracle baby of Macedonia

Sculptor, painter, and Holocaust survivor Maty Grunberg is a well-known artist in Israel. This month, he returns to his birthplace of Macedonia for a very special exhibition at the Holocaust Museum in Skopje. Opening just days after his 73rd birthday, Grunberg’s new exhibit, Haunted Memories, is a collection of paintings that memorializes this horrible period in Macedonia’s history, where Grunberg was the only baby to survive and nearly the entire Jewish community perished in Treblinka. Haunted Memories is an astounding tribute to Grunberg’s story, and the fact that he is still here to tell it.

The exhibit opened March 10th and will be up for six months. A second, sculptural exhibit at Bitola’s Jewish Cemetery is in the works, with models and renderings currently on display. The Bitola cemetery exhibit will be a permanent memorial.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Culture/Miracle-baby-of-Macedonia-450486

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