Missing Arab-Israeli Woman Feared to Be with ISIS

Authorities fear that a missing Arab-Israeli woman has joined ISIS in Syria. News outlets are still banned from publishing her name, but she is described as being from Shfaram, in the Galilee, and in her forties.

There are conflicting descriptions about what has occurred since she disappeared. A police officer from the Northern District told Channel 2 that her husband visited a police station along with his lawyer yesterday (Friday). They filed a missing person report, which they later requested to be canceled.

However, Walla news quotes the police and Shin Bet as saying they learned about her disappearance from an article in an Arabic-language newspaper, and that her family did not approach the authorities.

If she is in Syria, she would be the first Israeli woman to have joined the jihadist group. Security officials say at least 35 Arab-Israeli men have joined ISIS or other groups in Syria.

Israeli and international authorities have also stopped a number of people who intended or tried to enter Syria in order to fight.

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/200067

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