Mistaken killing jars African migrants, NGOs

Mulugeta Tumuzghi said he couldn’t breathe for 10 minutes on Sunday night when he first heard the tragic news – an Eritrean asylum seeker, like himself, was shot and beaten to death after he was mistaken for a terrorist during an attack in Beersheba.

Even after he caught his breath, he said he still couldn’t find the words to make sense of it.

“The only reason I can think this happened is because of racism. There were other people who weren’t soldiers or police who were running around then too, why him? He had nothing in his hands, why him?” Tumuzghi, a veteran asylum seeker who’s been in Israel for eight years but hasn’t received refugee status, said he spoke to other Eritrean friends all day on Monday, and they were afraid, sad and at a loss for words.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Mistaken-killing-jars-African-migrants-NGOs-427465

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