MK Gafni: Secular Israelis will also fight back against Court

Knesset Finance Committee head Moshe Gafni (UTJ) offered strong criticism against the Supreme Court on Sunday night, for its decision to cancel the gas outline.

MK Gafni first discussed the issue of mikvehs and the Reform Movement. "While we sit and argue about the Reform Jews, the Court rules. Before the argument is over, the Supreme Court comes to spite the Likud. And not just to the Likud, it interferes in the simplest things even though it's forbidden from doing so."

According to Gafni, the intervention in the gas outline could lead to a secular uprising against the Supreme Court's interference in issues outside of its scope. "I am not expressing my opinion on the gas outline. Maybe it needed to be changed. In my opinion, we have come to a point when even secular people will fight against the Supreme Court. What right does the Court have to intervene in unrelated issues? We've simply become a country run by the Court."

He added: "We have seen their morals. The Court rudely involves itself in the simplest things that are given to the government, and especially to the Knesset. Until now it was only in religious issues, but the Holy One gave them the wisdom to intervene now in handling the country. We're now entering a situation with the Court that many of us have expected."

Gafni clarified that the court's role in the gas outline crosses a red line, regardless of the outline's validity. "I have already heard the voices of the Prime Minister and, of course, many ministers, who say that we need to change the Court's authority. What they did today is unthinkable, and I am not expressing my opinion on the gas outline. I told the Prime Minister and (Energy) Minister Steinitz that changes were needed in the outline, but this is not at all relevant. It's not the Court that decides these issues."


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