MK Ohana: Peace will come when Arabs accept we’re here to stay

MK Amir Ohana (Likud) took part in a tour of Samaria on Sunday where he visited the Tura vineyard, Mount Kabir and the Barkan industrial park.

Ohana was impressed by Samaria's close proximity to the center of the country and by the coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians in the Barkan industrial park. He said, "When a Jewish worker calls a Palestinian worker to congratulate him on his new baby, it's coexistence. This is how we build relationships, and this is what people, not just in Israel but around the world, want to boycott. This peace is made by action, not words. And yet there are people who want to boycott it."

"Our role here is no just to survive but rather to grow, build and prosper. This is what they are doing in this region here. This is what we need to do. Construction isn't the problem, it's the solution. Peace will only come when the other side accepts that we are here to stay," he added.

Yossi Dagan, the head of the Samaria Council, commented on the building freeze: "I thank MK Ohana, a true Zionist. We are standing against a wave of terror and against international attacks. In the end, our strength comes from our resilience. Our resilience is first expressed in building on the ground, in all disputed areas, whether it's Jerusalem, Samaria, or along Gaza. The numbers and the masses in these areas determine the border, and we expect that the Prime Minister and the Israeli government will do more than just not stand in our way – that they will support the construction boom."

MK Ohana's trip was part of a project by the Samaria Council. Thus far, hundreds of thousands of people have taken part in such tours, including influential figures, MKs, members of parliaments and more.


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