MK: Raze the High Court

MK Moti Yogev (Jewish Home) reacted with fury Wednesday to the High Court decision to tear down the Draynoff homes in Beit El.

"Despite the valid zoning plan and the construction permit, the High Court ruled unjustly, in a way befitting charlatans,” Yogev said.

"A D9 [bulldozer] shovel should be used against the High Court,” he added, in a statement bound to arouse howls of anger in the Left. “We, as a legislative system, will make sure to rein in the legalistic rule in this country, and the tail that wags the dog.”

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, also of the Jewish Home, responded to the ruling in a more resigned fashion.

"We live under the rule of law and we must accept the verdict, and with it, the pain of the decree," she stated.

The Beit El homes will be torn down and immediately rebuilt. That is the Jewish way – we do not lose hope and we continue building, building and building.”

The High Court for Justice ruled Wednesday morning that the contested homes in Beit El, in the Binyamin region north of Jerusalem, must be torn down by Thursday at midnight.

The court rejected the motion for a temporary order preventing the demolition.

Residents of Beit El were calling for nationalist MKs to collapse the coalition on Tuesday, after security forces stormed the Draynoff compound in the town ahead of demolition despite the nearly completed legalization process for the buildings.


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