MK-to-Be Smotrich: Rob Terrorists of Hope

Bezalel Smotrich, who is in the ninth spot on the Jewish Home's Knesset list, said Thursday that it is time for the Israeli public to change the way it perceives the country's predicament.

At a debate with other MKs before hundreds of schoolchildren, Smotrich explained that “the public in Israel needs to raise its head and look forward. We have a great country, an excellent army, and a good, advanced economy. We need to stop scaring the public and saying how bad it is to live here. We are proud of what we have and that doesn't contradict the fact that improvements are required for the benefit of the individual.”

"The Left's strategy,” he explained, “is to tell us that the situation is very bad, and we need a diplomatic process to get us out of the mud. The truth is exactly the opposite. The current situation in Israel is very good, and every time we were tempted to embark on diplomatic adventures, we received terror and financial crises. This term, 'Palestinian state', must stop being used. No such thing will be established.”

As for the claim that Palestinian Arab despair leads to terrorism, Smotrich said that the opposite is true.

“Terror does not stem from despair. On the contrary, it stems from hope. Hope to succeed in defeating the state of Israel through terror and establishing a Palestinian state on its ruins," he said. "When the Palestinians realize that they cannot achieve a state in the heart of Israel, they will not try to fight us to achieve it."

"The talk about a Palestinian state encourages them to terrorize us and push us toward this dangerous place, that will never happen anyways. If you want to cut down terror, you must cut down the hope that keeps it alive,” he summed up.

Smotrich is a candidate from Uri Ariel's Tekuma faction within Jewish Home. 


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