MK: ‘We must respond to all attacks by creating communities’

During a "Shabbat culture" event at the Herzliya Cinematheque, Deputy Knesset Speaker Nurit Koren (Likud) spoke about the Arab terror that has runn rampant throughout Israel over the past few months.

"The policy needs to be that, for every terror attack, we create a new community. I hope that this policy would make the Palestinian Authority immediately stop its incitement against the State of Israel," she said.

MK Koren added, "The security situation results from the incitement among the Palestinian population – it begins with Abu Mazen [another name for PA President Mahmoud Abbas] and the Knesset members from the Joint List, who speak out against the state and its leaders, and continues in schools, in mosques, in the official media, and on social networks."

Commenting on the political situation, she said: "At the moment there is no negotiation because, sadly, there is no partner for negotiating. But there is no doubt that the situation to which we should aspire is a two-state solution and a separation from the Palestinians on the conditions of demilitarization and mutual recognition."

As for the bill on housing for the elderly that MK Koren is herself promoting, she noted that "On the day that, heaven forbid, the nursing homes or assisted living facilities in Israel collapse, thousands of people would find themselves destitute. The residents must know that their deposits are protected for the day that they are needed. The bill would protect the residents, as well as the senior housing market, by strengthening the public's confidence in it."


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