MK Yogev: We can’t handle terror while fight among ourselves

MK Moti Yogev (Jewish Home) doesn't get worked up by disagreements within the government over the soldier who shot a terrorist in Hevron or by different approaches on how to eradicate terror.

"It's clear to the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister that there was no Palestinian state of murderers here and there will be no such state. I think that we must unite all of our strength and fight against terror," he told Arutz Sheva.

MK Yogev emphasized that "The Prime Minister and the Defense Minister are not the enemies, even though we don't get everything we want. We need to act together after half a year of terror attacks, and we need to do more. It won't work if we are fighting ourselves. Instead we must join together against our enemy."

He added that we must do more as part of the fight against terrorism. "As a member of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, I know what has been done and I fight for more actions. Not only within the security establishment but also in the justice system. There, too, we need to try approaches other than destroying terrorists' homes as a deterrent."

As an example, he pointed to efforts to deport the families of terrorists. "If not to Gaza or abroad, then transfer them within Judea and Samaria. These are actions that have not yet been approved as deterrents."

In addition, Yogev stressed that only a meaningful unity of the Jewish People will be able to stop the current wave of terror. "In order to fight terror we need most of the Jewish People – and it's impossible to fight from the hills. We have already seen in Yamit and Gush Katif that we need to bring the tribes of Israel together in order to achieve the required majority."

"There is no place for a Jewish war within the Jewish People. Instead we must unite our forces – with Jewish Home, of course, and whoever considers himself nationalistic, as well as with the Likud and Yisrael Beytenu and other forces. Otherwise we will find ourselves alone on the hill."

He also commented on the Defense Minister's stance on the soldier in Hevron, saying that, even if there is a dispute over it, the issue is important. "Maybe the Defense Minister has additional knowledge from the military investigation that I don't have. Maybe the situation is clear for him and he is broadcasting it from the point of view of the moral norms in which he believes.

"I am confident that a terrorist who comes to attack deserves death, and that the incident must end with him being killed. But the military commander is the only one who should determine the rule of engagement."

He added that, in his opinion, "we need to do things within the IDF and not through the courts. Only the generals can decide whether to make it a criminal case or to leave it as an IDF investigation. Most of all, we need to strongly support our soldiers. They are stuck in complication situations, as I have learned from the Defense Minister."


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