MKs: Stop treating all Ethiopian-Israelis like new immigrants

Continuing special government programs for Israelis of Ethiopian descent in effect segregate them from other Israelis, Knesset Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Committee chairman Avraham Naguise (Likud) charged Tuesday.

Naguise, the committee’s first chairman who is an immigrant from Ethiopia, said that in light of recent protests, it is essential for the Knesset to discuss the community’s issues and for ministries to report what they are doing to help integrate them into Israeli society.

"The demands…can be summed up in two words: Equal rights. We have to make sure to stop the separation so that Israelis of Ethiopian descent will be integrated in Israeli society like all citizens. In the 30 years that I am in Israel, I do not remember an opportunity like this, when the prime minister takes personal responsibility for the topic," Naguise stated.


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