Mob boss planned hits at Burger Ranch, nursing home, mafia war indictment states

The head of one of Israel’s most powerful mob families planned hits on his rivals in meetings held at a Burger Ranch at Azrieli Mall, a grill restaurant in Hatikva, and a nursing home in south Tel Aviv, according to an indictment issued in the Tel Aviv District Court on Monday in a hearing that quickly became heated.

On Monday 8 associates of Shay Musli, reputedly one of the heads of one of Israel’s largest and wealthiest crime families, were indicted for a series of crimes including murder, conspiracy to commit murder, extortion, and firearms charges.

Musli is not in Israel and has not been indicted in the case. His brother, Yossi Musli, is one of the reputed heads of the family and was among 20 associates arrested at the beginning of last month, but was later released. He is currently incarcerated in Rimonim prison on separate organized crime charges.


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