‘Most Israelis support equal recognition for non-Orthodox rabbis’

A majority of Israelis supports equal government treatment of Orthodox and non-Orthodox rabbis, according to a poll released by the religious equality advocacy NGO Hiddush on Monday.

Out of the 507 Israelis questioned by Rafi Smith Polling, 71 percent stated that they believe President Reuven Rivlin “was wrong to cancel the bar mitzva ceremony for disabled children scheduled to be held at the President’s Residence, only because one of the prayer leaders is a Conservative rabbi.”

Opposition to Rivlin in this matter was higher among secular respondents (93%) and Soviet immigrants (84%) than among traditional Jews (74%) and the national religious (67%).

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Most-Israelis-support-equal-recognition-for-non-Orthodox-rabbis-406841

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