Mother and two children killed in car accident in northern Israel

A mother and two of her children were killed in a traffic accident Monday evening in the northern Golan Heights. The father and their infant daughter, who were also in the car, were seriously injured. The family is from the Druze town of Buq’ata, located in the Golan.

The accident occurred on Route 98 near the entrance to Kibbutz El Rom. The family’s car hit a truck. The police are investigating the accident, the cause of which is still unclear.

The driver of the commercial vehicle was lightly injured and taken to Rebecca Sieff Hospital in Safed.

Magen David Adom paramedics declared the 40 year old woman and her 10 year old son dead at the scene. The six year old daughter was declared dead on her way to the helicopter called in to rush her to the hospital in Safed. The infant and father were taken by helicopter to the hospital while the father was unconscious and connected to a respirator.  Route 98 was closed to traffic in the area of the accident.


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