Mother of Five Arrested for Trying to Join ISIS

Cleared for publication: an Arab resident from the city of Shfar'am was arrested last month at Ben-Gurion Airport for trying to join Islamic State (ISIS). 

The mother of five, named as 44 year-old Iman Khanjo, had offered to give over Sharia Law (Islamic law – ed.) to members of the group. 

She was arrested as she landed in Turkey, and was apparently en route to Syria. Turkish authorities deported her back to Israel at Border Control. 

The Israel Police and the Israel Security Agency (ISA) determined her allegiance to ISIS, and her offer to teach, after a detailed investigation.

On Sunday morning, Khanjo was indicted for traveling to an enemy country unlawfully and for contact with a foreign agency (i.e. terrorist organization). She may be the first Israeli Arab woman to have attempted to join ISIS in Syria. 

Khanjo may also be the missing Israeli Arab woman named in late August who authorities feared had gone missing in Syria.

At the time, reports conflicted about how the Israel Police were alerted to the issue; while at least one Israeli news outlet alleged her husband had approached police, both Walla! and Channel 2 stated that the case came to light after the woman's journey was cited in Arabic-language newspapers. 


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