Mother’s heartbreaking letter: ‘Shake the Throne of God!’

Odaya Weingott, the mother of 15-month-old Eliya who tragically died last week after being left in the family car in Ashdod, wrote a moving letter to her son marking the completion of shiva, the traditional seven-day period of intense mourning.

The bereaved mother's letter reads as follows:

My God, Father in heaven, my merciful Father…I accept on myself not to ponder anymore. Not to ask and not to try to understand. Your paths are concealed. You are entirely benevolent and merciful, good and doing good to all.

In my difficult moments I tried to hold on to something. Even the tiniest thing so as not to lose my sanity, so as to succeed in surviving another day. The pain arises every second, there is no relief, there is no medicine, there is no consolation. My heart is in tatters! I am not myself. If not for the complete faith in You.

My Eliya!! Do you know?! You caused a great strengthening, unprecedented brotherly love, a great unity, shock and many, many tears and pain, you caused me/us to understand that we merited to be in your surroundings for a year and three months…we merited!

Mother's tzadik (righteous one – ed.), up until now I did everything for you…everything. I beg of you, from now on your time has come to guard me and the nation of Israel. So it won't see sorrow and crying! Ever!

Please my Eliya, beg from the Creator of the World, demand and ask for the coming of the Messiah…we have no more strength! None! Be a good advocate for us, beg for us for redemption.

My Eliya, the pain and the sorrow that you left behind are indescribable. You shocked all of the nation of Israel. Please!!! Shake the Throne of God! You have the strength. I have no doubt of it!! I want the Messiah…I want you with me!

Your enchanting smile accompanies me always…your mischievousness is in every corner of the home, and I don't digest that (you are here – ed.) no more…I love you my treasure! I love, long for and imagine you always…you are my life! Protect us Eliya…you have the strength.

I asked every person I met to study, to pray, to make blessings for the ascension of your soul, and I know for a certainty that those are gifts that are sent to you directly to heaven.

I am certain that it is good for you my angel…and I am the happiest for you! I wait for the day we will meet and I will again see your adorable dimples and I will hug you with all my strength! We love you the most in the world – dad and mom, Orli, Avi and Oriya.

We have no words to thank all the nation of Israel that arrived and supported and helped and listened and gave their all for us! There is none like our nation!! I am certain that Eliya sees this unity and it does him good! Let us preserve this unity…Eliya, mom and dad love you!


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