Motti Zisser’s children eulogize him as great, loving man

Two of philanthropist Motti Zisser's children eulogized their father during his funeral procession in Tel Aviv's Kiryat Shaul Cemetery.

"We will continue to love, to be friends and stay united," said David, who also promised that the siblings would continue caring for their mother, Dr. Bracha Zisser. "We will embrace her and we will be with her as much as possible."

Zisser's son then commented on his late father's extensive acts of charity, assuring that "if someone thinks that we will stop doing good deeds, they don't need to worry. We won't stop, but rather increase them.

"I'm sure it would give you comfort," he concluded.

"In the past few years you gave me the greatest present, Dad," said his eldest daughter Racheli. "You always said that troubles come without an invitation, and that we need to work for happiness. I don't know many people who took the responsibility to create happiness for those dear to them like you did every morning. You took the responsibility every moment.

"You always wanted to be proud of me because of my career," she added. "I still want you to be proud of me, but for other things: for being someone who gives and managed to learn your secret – how to create happiness… And maybe there's no secret to it but it's rather based on daily hard work by someone who gets up and takes responsibility."

Among the other speakers was Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, the chief rabbi of Tel Aviv-Jaffa; Rabbi Hanania Cholk, who heads the group Ezer Mitzion [Help from Zion]; Rabbi Haim David Kovalsky, founder and head of Daf Yomi Luminaries.


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