Movie Review: Teacher’s pet

The Kindergarten Teacher
Hebrew title: Haganenet
Written and directed by Nadav Lapid With Sarit Larry, Avi Shnaidman, Ester Rada, Yehezkal Lazarov
Running time: 119 minutes
In Hebrew.
Check with theaters for subtitle information.

Nadav Lapid’s second feature film, The Kindergarten Teacher, is an odd, original and somewhat chilly story about the joys of poetry and the innocence of children.

The film is about Nira (Sarit Larry), a preschool teacher in Tel Aviv who hears the strange verses that Yoav (Avi Shnaidman), one of the children in her class, recites and decides he is a genius. Nira feels that Yoav must be shielded from the world and encouraged to keep creating, no matter what his family thinks.


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