Moving New Music Video Marks One Year Since Gaza War

Students at Samaria's Ariel University have produced a moving music video marking one year since Israel's war with Gaza-based terrorist groups.

The song, "The Time Has Come" ("הגיע זמן") is sung by Mati Shriki, a rising star on the Israeli music scene and himself a resident of Samaria.

Shriki released the single at the height of Operation Protective Edge. It pays tribute to IDF soldiers risking their lives and hails the unity which Israel experienced both during the 50-day war, as well as in the traumatic weeks preceding it in which the country was rocked by the brutal murder of three Israeli teenagers by Hamas terrorists.

The video tells the story of one of thousands of reservists called up to serve in Judea and Samaria during the war, replacing IDF soldiers stationed there who were moved to the Gaza front.

Like many other reservists, he leaves behind him an anxious family – particularly his heavily-pregnant wife.


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